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How Leaders Can Actively Communicate a Vision for their Organization

Just because an organization has a mission and vision statement, it does not mean there is a shared understanding of what the goals of the day to day work are across the organization. A research study found that 40% of the workforce knew about their company’s goals, strategies, and tactics. This means that 60% of the workforce did not know about their company’s goals, strategies, and tactics.  

It is incredibly powerful to have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and connect the tasks in day to day work with the larger organizational vision. While most companies have a formal mission and vision, the difficult task is to make the mission and vision come alive every day.  

If your organization or team doesn’t have a vision statement you can explore what success looks like with staff.  Are you ready to generate excitement? Have your team answer the following questions:

  • What does it look like when you are at your best at work?

  • What does it look like when your team and organization are at their best? 

  • What does it look like when people feel alive, excited, and engaged at work?  

Think about what it would be like to imagine your best day ever, at the beginning of each day. 

  • Imagine that you had your best day ever today, what do you see happening? What are you doing? How are you feeling?  

  • What would success look like for your organization? 

  • What is your role in this success?  

  • What are you doing to contribute to this success?

Asking these questions on a regular basis is critical to help identify and inspire success. Often, employees at lower levels of organization did not develop the mission or vision, so it is important they can connect to their role in achieving the mission and/or vision. Finally, be sure to clear any obstacles you may have in communicating this vision. All of the enthusiasm and conviction you may have as a leader cannot overcome communication issues within the organization. 

How else can you Involve others to create and communicate a vision for your organization? To learn more, contact the Ascendis Leadership Academy to take the Organizational Leadership Skills Profile. Please contact Sue Drake at for an overview of the Profile and ways in which it may be used in your organization.