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InnovationCorporations succeed when they can manage unyielding pressure for rapid results and fierce competition from global organizations with innovation. These topics will consider the conditions that lead to innovative thinking and proactively help you meet future market and employee needs, all while nurturing your creativity.

  • Seek ways to improve and create new ways of working.
  • Anticipate and respond proactively to future market and employee needs.
  • Create the conditions that lead to innovative thinking and action.
  • Pursue your passion; nurture your creativity.

How widespread is telecommuting among the U.S. workforce? Which industries and organizations lead in offering telecommuting working options? What could make telecommuting work for their unique companies? Get the answers to these questions and more in this edition of the Ascendis Executive Hour!

This Get Shelf Made course guides entrepreneurs to convert their product, idea or concept into a viable business.  The purpose of this training series is to help entrepreneurs (using a food & beverage scenario) to craft their unique brand story to build sales, connect with retail buyers and achieve the dream of becoming a "shelf-made" success.

You will also receive login access to the Get Shelf Made website with helpful contacts, planning guides, and resources to grow a business - customized for your city. Information about how to approach local retail buyers, distributors and other resources is included in this powerful guide to aid your pursuit of shelf space.

When rebranding a business, you need to start with the right ingredients to win over a new audience. There are three steps to follow and you can remember them by the acronym ECE — Exposure, Credibility and Engagement.

If you want to feature your business in a chamber guide, magazine or newspaper, you will probably need to create your own advertisement copy. While Mad Men’s Jon Hamm is able to mull over the perfect phrasing and deliver it with gravitas to a client, few business owners can do this as easily as his character Don Draper. This course will help you think like an ad exec when you prepare your advertisements, and also show you how to think like a customer who is unaware of your business.

Do you have a new idea, concept or product?  Do you want to put a new messaging spin on an old idea, concept or product?  In honoring the copyright laws, you are actually honoring the creative persons who designed, crafted and developed an original piece or idea. This course will help to ensure you do not unnecessarily and unknowingly violate the creative rights and works that came from another source and instead provide you the freedom to offer something new and fresh to your market or audience.