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ResultsHow do you measure your company’s performance? Running a successful organization requires thorough analysis of employee performance, sales and financial results. These topics will help you identify and implement opportunities to streamline work processes, assess risk and deliver results.

  • Seek expert advice as appropriate (e.g., legal, financial, human resource, technical, contractual, etc.).
  • Make the right decisions by analyzing information, assessing risk and solving problems to drive business/organizational performance and deliver results.
  • Develop and demonstrate business acumen (e.g., appropriately use budget terminology; track performance via balance sheet, cash flow and income statement; interpret basic financial data; etc.).

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Is your virtual team operating on the same page?  Does each team member trust each other... really trust each other?  If not, here are some resources to help you build a virtual team culture that is based on trust and operates with consistency, reducing your need to micro-manage all the details.

Stay on top of your leadership game with case studies, infographics, podcasts, webinar recordings, and additional relevant and meaningful research to help you to lead and manage your team or organization well.
In this “Leading Transformational Change” recorded webinar, learn about the four phases of sustainable change and the top ten tools for leading organizational transformation.  Our leadership expert also discusses three change theories and how to use them as a framework for planning.