Complimentary Ascendis Leadership Academy Courses

Our experts have provided sample content to prepare you for the full leadership modules and courses offered with your annual subscription. Take advantage of this material as pre-work or sample what the Ascendis Leadership Academy has to offer! To help you find what is most important to you now, this sample content is organized in the same nine leadership competencies that comprise the leadership self-assessment. Enjoy!

Self-knowledge is key to leadership development and knowing how and when you currently demonstrate the skills provided in the nine leadership competencies is the first step on your leadership journey.  This sample assessment contains 9 questions, one question for each of the nine competencies, out of the total 41 questions that exist in the full Leadership Assessment.  This sample assessment also contains a simple Results page to demonstrate how the scores are calculated.

While business goals are dynamic, leaders can keep their focus by aligning their efforts with organizational priorities. These topics will organize how you determine which goals to tackle first, and allow you to manage expectations every step of the way.

In today's corporate climate, leaders need to remain resilient while driving for growth. These topics will allow you to identify your natural talents while taking the initiative to develop your resilience, relationships and resources.

Great leaders anticipate change, enable learning and prepare to evolve with emerging opportunities. These topics will explore methods to take a multi-faceted view on potential challenges to work through the problem-solving process swiftly yet comprehensively.

Good leaders build strong teams; great leaders build self-directed teams. These topics will prepare you to engage others to take decision making opportunities and apply this learning to promote collaboration.

Your role as a leader is to bring out the best in others, even when they know more than you.
These topics will address necessary conversations to have with your team to develop trusting relationships and to recognize and celebrate people’s talents.

The purpose of a project leader is to empower team members to feel they have a real stake in the project. These topics will highlight critical areas for project leadership, including clear communication about goals, responsibility, performance, expectations and feedback.

Corporations succeed when they can manage unyielding pressure for rapid results and fierce competition from global organizations with innovation. These topics will consider the conditions that lead to innovative thinking and proactively help you meet future market and employee needs, all while nurturing your creativity.

Because past experience is not always the best premise to develop future strategies, leaders must understand best practices to create value for customers. These topics will answer the “how” and “when” of business planning by involving others to create a vision that is coherent and unifying to ensure the organization is successful at achieving its strategic goals.

How do you measure your company’s performance? Running a successful organization requires thorough analysis of employee performance, sales and financial results. These topics will help you identify and implement opportunities to streamline work processes, assess risk and deliver results.