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Personal Growth

In today's corporate climate, leaders need to remain resilient while driving for growth. These topics will allow you to identify your natural talents while taking the initiative to develop your resilience, relationships and resources.

  • Demonstrate the capacity to cope with uncertainty and complexity; be resilient while still driving for results.
  • Recover quickly from difficulties and set-backs.
  • Recognize and manage personal emotions well.
  • Know your talents, strengths, interests, and passions, and skills to develop.
  • Take initiative to network and build business relationships with others.

Here are a few short reads to consider.

What are the differences between face-to-face and live online virtual facilitation? What are the differences for learners and facilitators when participating in a virtual engagement?  This course looks at the differences between face-to-face and live, online learning—differences both for participants and facilitators. Navigating the differences of time, distance, technology and culture among virtual participants through a learning experience is no small task. Even the most seasoned face-to-face trainers are challenged by live online delivery and must manage their pace and energy. This course provides tips and techniques for managing the differences and how you can prepare to deliver your live online learning experience like a pro.

In the 21st century, there are a greater variety of communication choices than ever before. Yet, the basics of communication — purpose, structure, and etiquette — still hold true! Drake Resources offers this self-study course that will help both new and longtime employees improve their communication skills for developing and delivering clear messages.

Communication is an important expression of culture. When working with global virtual teams, our assumptions and biases can sometimes get in the way of effectively communicating with team members. Use these tips below to boost your cultural communication savvy.

There is an art to professionally and effectively dealing with customer callers (whether they are external or internal customers) on a daily basis. What each caller hears, in what type of tone and what course of action is taken speaks volumes about your organization. Your expertise in handling difficult calls can make or break a relationship! This course provides a solid foundation for understanding the principles, techniques, and value of excellent telephone skills.