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Good leaders build strong teams; great leaders build self-directed teams. These topics will prepare you to engage others to take decision making opportunities and apply this learning to promote collaboration.

  • Work constructively with others (e.g., superiors, team, colleagues) regardless of changing circumstances.
  • Recognize the emotions of others and promote productive relationships.
  • Meet with others to generate creative ideas, provide timely communication and promote collaboration.
  • Engage others in decision-making opportunities (e.g., problem definition, solution development and implementation, etc.).
  • Apply ‘big picture’ thinking (e.g., build bridges between people and groups to increase and improve the flow of information and resources).
What's better positive or negative feedback? Cassandra O'Neill of Leadership Alchemy will reveal the art and neuroscience behind giving and receiving feedback.

Stop the uphill battle to get initiatives launched, changes implemented, or projects completed. Be one of those leaders who consistently gets results.

In this recorded webinar, Cassandra O'Neill, CEO of Leadership Alchemy, reveals ways supervisors from any industry – profit or non-profit- can effectively engage, involve and collaborate with their people.

Do your remote workers and virtual team members struggle to communicate, build trust, and reach high performance? Read this article to learn five best practices to deal with these challenges and expand your influence to get better results.

What might you accomplish if all your business relationships worked toward a common goal.  You can make the outcomes you are imagining happen!  In fact, just by thinking about a success story, you have already taken the first step.  Continue with this course to learn more.

Recognizing what works for you - or against you - is important when building relationships with stakeholders. Use the two activities in this course to discover what's holding you back and what can help you move forward.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty, financial performance, and employee engagement and productivity are all profoundly impacted by trusting relationships among business stakeholders. Essentially, when trust is high, business is good. But how do leaders actually build trust with employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, and the community?  That is what this course is all about.

How satisfied are you with your current level of influence? Without relying on formal authority, how well do you motivate people to cooperate and collaborate toward the achievement of organizational objectives? Discover that you can accomplish your vision with the lessons in this course.

Do you have enough influence to accomplish your priorities? Imagine what you might you do and achieve if you had even more influence. Take this How Influential Am I? Self-assessment to gauge your current level of influence and find out what you can do to grow in this critical area of leadership.

Want to make your presentations more engaging and compelling? How about creating visually appealing slides? This course addresses these points: the critical nature of understanding your audience and gauging their interest level; how to gather, organize and present the information effectively while using your own style; proven techniques for developing a dynamic presentation that holds attention and much more.

Opportunities to facilitate and present virtually are more commonplace than ever, but new rules apply to capture and engage your unseen audience than typical live meetings, presentations and classroom sessions! This course emphasizes the importance of planning for and using interactive elements as well as help you put the “wow” factor in your technology-delivered sessions.  Keep your audience alert until the very end of your virtually-facilitated event.